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The DIY (Do It Yourself) Guide to make your own crab stick and fish ball from Surimi. Let's cook together!

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imitaiton crab stick to eat

Why Surimi is Called Imitation Crab?

Have you ever tried surimi before? Some people who love to eat Japanese food will know this food well. What is surimi? Surimi is the processed fish ingredients that are upgrading from the cheap fish to the expensive seafood, such as crab. That is...

soba surimi salad

Composition and Nutrition Fact About Surimi Salad

Surimi is a flexible food so that you can make as fish ingredients recipe and combine it with many kinds of cuisines around the world. You can combine it with lumpia, fried rice, and salad. Anyway, we are going to discuss Surimi salad due to simple...

pempek from fish meat paste

The Difference between Surimi and Kamaboko

Surimi is a myofibril concentrate that is elastic in nature and made of meat milled as the main ingredient. Surimi in its creation has been through several processes such as removal of heads, bones, tails and scales and through the process of...



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