Why Surimi is Called Imitation Crab?
imitaiton crab stick to eat
Imitaiton crab stick from surimi

Why Surimi is Called Imitation Crab?

Have you ever tried surimi before? Some people who love to eat Japanese food will know this food well. What is surimi? Surimi is the processed fish ingredients that are upgrading from the cheap fish to the expensive seafood, such as crab.

That is why surimi is called imitation crab. Therefore, we can say that the imitation crab is substantially made from surimi. As we know, food manufacturers like to produce imitation crab; due to the lowest production costs.

It is also impacted by the sale price of imitation crab itself. You only pay 20 cents per ounce. It is so cheap if we compared it with the original crab price. Usually, the cost of the initial crab is 3 dollars in the traditional Indonesian market.

Besides that, imitation crab nutrition is also high in Sodium and low calories. We know that Sodium has an essential function in our body. The first function is maintaining the heart performance function. Then, it is also regulating blood pressure and blood sugar level. The last one is helping smooth our digestion. 

Usually, there is 480 mg of Sodium in two fake crab legs serving. On average, we already get 20% sodium for our daily. So, we know that the imitation crab or surimi healthy for our life.

The Making Process of Imitation Crab

Furthermore, surimi itself comes from the Japanese word, which means the ground meat. For a long time ago, there is revitalizing the growing fishing industry in Japan. One of the ways to revitalize this matter is trying to utilize the fish waste to become food with nutrition.

Usually, the making process of surimi or imitation crab comes from the Pollock fish as a fish with white-fleshed. Pollock fish has a low price in the market. Besides Pollock fish, there is another fish with a low price in the market; it is Hake fish. After that, the fish will be grounded into the thick paste.

imitaiton crab stick to eat
Imitaiton crab stick from surimi

The paste of fish itself will be combined with various additives such as oils, starches, spices, and egg whites. Then, the paste which already combined is ready to be shaped into a fake crab, or we know as imitation crab.Therefore, are you interested in trying surimi or imitation crab? Besides containing a lot of Sodium, imitation crab is also low in calories. This processed fish ingredient is suitable for you in your diet. You don’t need to worry again about arranging your food is tasty and healthy food for diet.

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